The BS-8599 First Aid Kits

New standards for the provision of First Aid within the workplace have been introduced. BS 8599- 1:2011.

The new BS-8599 First Aid kits are the only kits compliant with these standards. Employers are required to make a risk assessment to decide what the hazard levels are and how many employers are involved in the area to be covered.

We have provided a useful guide to help match your risk assessment to an appropriate BS-8599 kit.

Category of Hazard Number of Employees Number and Size of First Aid Kits
Low Hazard e.g. shops, offices, libaries. Less than 25 Small Kit
25 - 100 Medium Kit
More than 100 1 Large Kit per 100 employees
High Hazard e.g. most construction, work with dangerous machinery, chemical manufacture. Less than 5 Small Kit
5 - 25 Medium Kit
More than 25 1 Large Kit per 25 employees
Lone Worker e.g. lorry drivers, travelling contractors. 1 1 Travel/ Lone Worker Kit per vehicle