Has your business updated your First Aid Kits to the new British Standards.

BS-8599-1 is an all new British Standard to specify the contents of First Aid Kits in all workplaces. On 30th June 2011 it came into effect - following this date, BS-8599-1 workplace first aid kits are a clear and safe way for an business to fulfil their first aid obligations.

Why the standard has been implemented.

The BS-8599-1 list of required contents forms part of a modern approach to what is considered to be a suitable range of Health and Safety products in the workplace of today. Factors such as new technologies in product development, different types of injury & risk, alterations to training standards as well as an increased awareness of infection control have resulted in the current kits no longer being suitable.

This standard brings workplace first aid kits in line with other safety products such as hard hats and fire extinguishers.